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Basic AirDroid Instructions

edited August 2013 in AirDroid Web Issues
I have AirDroid app open on Galaxy S2 4.1 and AirDroid open in Firefox.  I have scanned the QR Code and the two have paired(? - or whatever they're calling it).  2 Questions:

On PC I have clicked on Videos and it displays the Video files with thumbnails.  I have tried dragging a file to the open Toolbox> File and to the "Upload to SD Card" box below it - nothing happens.  Where am I supposed to drag it to?  Also, how do I specify what folder it is to be saved in?

And how does LAN connection differ from a WiFi connection.  In the AirDroid app it says "LAN Connection Mode" is that better than WiFi or is that, in fact WiFi (by another name)?
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