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Failed to connect to device?

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I. When you see below window and failed to connect to your device, try these steps:

1. Unlock or awake your device
2. Check the network connection of your device
3. Initiate AirDroid on your device
And then click “Reconnect” on the web page to try connect again.


II. If it fails again and you are sure the device and the computer is under a LAN(Local Area Network), you may try connect to your device by sign in with IP address.
How to: Visit the IP address shown in AirDroid on your device.


III. If your device and computer are not under a LAN(Local Area Network) then the connecting process may take a while. If you are not sure it times out, try reconnect again.

Update (2013/05/28):

We read every comment here and on Google Play about the connection issue. It's a top priority for our product team to solve it. The updates coming in the following months will focus on improving connection reliability. Thanks.



  • I tried reconnecting 100 times in 3rd option but no luck.
  • Tried using the Uni computer to Log in, no luck.
    Do organisation computers block AirDroid?
  • Not to 100 times yet, but may start counting...
  • this last update is a TOTAL FAIL.  so unstable, totally useless!!!!
  • Yes, having major issues since I updated.  Any word on when a new update will be out to fix?  I use airdroid everyday.
  • Hello I use Airdroid since a long time and everything was OK
    But today update make connexion fail every times

  • Today 5/22/13 i updated to airdroid2 on my phone and then went to log on to the web and will not connect just like everyone else did.  what's going on?  i liked using this but if something don't work i will move on just like the rest of us will.  i can only hope this works soon.
  • I fixed it.  Somehow the update turned of my Wi-Fi setting in the Config Network.  So I turn it on and bam i'm working again!
  • Same problem like the others. After the update Airdroid does not connect. Accept, after a 3 reboots of the device and the laptop.
  • After the update, it only connects when my laptop & phone are on the same WLAN. It will no longer connect over 3G, which really blows since I only use this at work...where I'm not allowed to connect to the WiFi with a personal device, of course.   :((
  • typed in the 192....#,  & now get this error msg:

    This webpage is not available

    The webpage at" http://192.168.1............/" might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Error 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown error.

  • Just updated and it won't connect now.  Used to be easy.  I think there's a screw-up.
  • После последнего обновления перестал подключаться к ПК, если удается подключить, поиск телефона не работает, в приложении функция включена, исправьте пожалуйста
  • Today I try connect my phone with his IP adress and it works but only in light mode
    At right bottom of page a message : go to to go to the full version
    And here I try to scan qrcode and it fails every times
    In past version we could type a password
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    He instalado esta nueva versión.
    No funciona.
    La aplicación no reconoce el dispositivo.
  • Can connect only via ip but no success with ""
  • continua dando problema! atualizou ontem e hoje quando fui usar deu problema. porque ?!

  • Why do we have to unlock the device?  We used to be able to control REMOTELY.  I can't get too remote if I can touch the phone. =)

    Is it a new Android restriction?  Or was this ability removed on purpose?

    Please, would be great to leave my phone in the car (as I must at work), and access it via an unrestricted workstation.  (you figure out their security policies...)

    AD Lover
  • Hello Tom, Please comment on this problem. If no one is responding from Airdroid team then what is the benefit of having support forum...
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    Yup same here, fils to login via, can connect via IP i.e. but in lite mode. B

    I have also tried https mode i.e. (using https will change the port number) and that works fine but again only in lite mode, tried logging in after connecting via IP and same issue it can't find the device.

    Also tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling.

    Shame there is no bug logging feature in Tools so that we can send the dev's a bug log that they can use to diagnose these sort of issues with.

    Might also help to input your android version.

    Android 4.1.2 Jellybean on the Samsung Note (Rooted)
  • Hello, 
    After the update... Totally useless... 
    It's a pity...
    Pending a new update, how to download the previous version ? 

    Macbook and Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.1.1
  • Okay, I may have figured this out. I was overlooking the silhouette on the phone log in screen. I tapped it and took me to a login screen. I logged in with my Facebook credentials, started , scanned the QR code and connected.

    I think I had been misinterpreting the message about "Must be signed into an account on device."
  • This new update is a real shame. I used to use this program all the time and it worked perfectly. The new update has made it unusable (connection problems). I'm incredibly disappointed with version 2 and will begin my search again for another program. 

    RIP v1, you were amazing. 
  • Hello, Please configure your location services settings to sources such as Wi-Fi and mobile networks  and also Location & Google search....then it connects. It connected for me immediately on its own without any retry.
  • Hi, It connects at one time and fails to connect next time. I believe that the Airdroid people have deliberately made this problem to compel us to sign through Facebook or twitter so that their product can be canvassed widely.
    There appears to be no connection with location services.
  • Hi, I again tried to configure. I put both smartphone and the PC on same wifi connection for internet access. I switched on wifi in my smart phone  not hotspot. I removed HTTPS permission. I tried now with IP address as shown by the smartphone. It worked. It worked well than previous attempts in light connection mode. I was able to use all provisions except few reserved for premium users. Then I simultaneously opened  . It worked well and really in very good speed better than previous attempts. Now I went to the IP address tab and found that "service stopped by the device". These are my attempts and results.  I had removed all location service options.
  • Hi,  Under LAN Connection mode, every icon works. There appears no need for premium account at all. The screen shot function requires ROOTED Phones. Thus it is very clearly found that the wifi network should be of same network for both phone and PC accessing internet.
  • Hi folks,  Today I tried to connect without switching on wifi in both
    the PC and also in Smartphone. It was a wonder to find the two got
    connected in Remote connection mode without any hazzles. Both were
    connected to internet through separate channel. Kudos to the AIRDROID
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    Hi all.
    First time I get a look here into - feels a little bit strange when System tells 'Try more detailed guide' and says then to look if connection over WLAN is working, since the system already contacted device. Furthermore I ask myself if here's some support in forum by provider of Airdroid. Because - what's about a system failure and there's nowhere a status page???
    As IT specialist i find this strange.
    Ok. Enough of this. My problem arised after accepting update. Now I see version V.2.0.2 and the known error:
    Scan QR-Code > Authentification > Connecting to device > Connection failed. :-(
    By the way - my HTC device works fine with all connections. :-)
    I try to understand that last update contains some rubish. Booh - that's not fine.
    Yours Zebulon from Hamburg.
  • Esta merda não dá :@
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