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New version looses connection

edited April 2013 in AirDroid Web Issues

after a while, my phone go to sleep mode , i have to unlock it to reconnect it on the airdroid website (so locate my phone doesn't work .. ) .

It's very annoying. 


  • That's why i've returned to Airdroid V1 .... but with this today's update, I'v always this problem  :((
  • I'm having a similar problem...session disconnects every time phone goes to sleep in 'Lite' mode.

    Should I try using '', the page simply produces webpage code:
    {"err":"null<br>Trace:<br>\nIn Source)<br>\nIn Source)<br>\nIn Source)<br>\nIn Source)<br>\nIn Source)<br>\nIn<br>\n"}
  • Same here. Really annoying.

    Word wrap is broken with the new layout too. That and it doesn't seem to register a space as part of the character count (even though my phone will, thus potentially pushing me over the character limit).

    This shouldn't be out of beta yet with showstopping bugs like this.
    I avoided signing up for the beta because I wasn't prepared to sacrifice functionality at this stage (just in a new relationship and texting a lot).

    If it carries on, I'll be looking for an alternative within a matter of days and if I find one, I may well not be back.
  • connection losses here too..
    i hope it will be fixed soon
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