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It is great that in airdroid 2 you can connect with your device from any network via However, I am really concerned that there is no https version of this portal. In particularly, I am not even certain that your airdroid password is being transmitted with SSL. If it isn't, this is a serious problem given the kind of access your airdroid password would give a hacker. Is an SSL interface planned? Are the passwords at least going to be encrypted??


  • If this is true, it's a major problem -- airdroid can now wipe my phone, it needs to be as secure as possible.
  • Isn't there a setting for it on the device "settings" menu?  I don't have my phone in front of me, but I think it's something like "Use HTTPS:  YES/NO"

    I think...
  • That's for the lite version, so that turns on HTTPS if you're on your local network, but doesn't change the interface. Since that's on their servers instead of your phone, it's up to them to make sure there's HTTPS, not you (unfortunately).
  • BUMP: Can anyone at airdroid comment on this?
  • BUMP: Can anyone please at airdroid comment on this as well?
  • How has this not been taken care of already? This is concerning. The interface should really be working under HTTPS by default. I cannot understand how that's not already the case considering how sensitive the data transmitted can be. I am not and will not be using the interface until it implements HTTPS support. In the meantime, I will stick with the secured local lite connection.

    AirDroid, this feature has been requested for years, as it can be seen in other threads.
  • This is very troubling indeed and keeps me from using
    Can we have any clarification about this?
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    Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the late reply.

    Sorry that does not support HTTPS. We will keep working on this and try to enable this asap. You may try Lite Mode which enables HTTPS.

    Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions about AirDroid.

  • It is now December and there has been no update on the lack of https (SSL) connectivity to the web portal. The lack of https is what is preventing me from purchasing a premium subscription. If we can't trust you to quickly implement industry-standard server-side security methods in the most simple fashion (who doesn't have SSL nowadays?), how are we supposed to feel safe paying for service for a year, two years, or three years in advance?
  • AirDroid, you should support HTTPS as top priority. Lack of HTTPS with SSL means our sensitive personal information, files, and data is going across the internet in clear text, unencrypted. This is a serious security risk.
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