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Airdroid for iPhone?

edited April 2013 in Feature Requests
I wonder when the "AirDroid" will be released for iPhone? Even though with different name like "AirOS" I dunno ...


  • You can't, at least not with the same feature-set as the Android version.

    I don't think there's any access at all to a filesystem, so you throw that File manage out (well, I guess you could keep it for uploads to Airdroid specifically and downloads from Airdroid as internal storage access is not allowed).

    I don't think existing Ringtone access is allowed since ringtones are probably DRM'd up.  Similarly, music is probably not likely to be accessible by Airdroid (you could probably have a remote control type thing, but you wouldn't be able to play on the remote device)

    I don't think the call log is accessible either, so throw that out the window.

    App list is likely also not permitted.

    (not 100% sure about this, but from what I hear) You also need to
    confirm access to your (for example) contact list, photos and possibly
    text messages every time (assuming you're able to access those features;
    I hear most of them were only introduced several months ago).  Someone
    feel free to confirm or deny this. 

    So in short: if they decided to make a port, there almost wouldn't be a point -- not necessarily because they don't want to, but because of the policies enforced on that platform.  To wit, I suspect a Blackberry port would be feasible, and possibly a WindowsPhone version as well.
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