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Ability to use apps via

edited May 2012 in Feature Requests
If you could be able to use all the apps installed on your phone through the web browser, that would be ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Maybe an Android App simulator should do the trick perhaps? :)


  • yes i'd luv dis facility pls. airdroid team try on workin on dis pls..! :))
  • This ability would be the holy grail. Make it so, Airdoid. Please make it so.
  • Totally impossible.
  • thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • but it shows the installed apps?  a program bluestack allows one to use android apps on a pc... this system could be implemented into airdroid.. you would however need an addon or on your computer browser, and possibly root access of the phone which allows the system to be accessed directly
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