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Options to log in

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Can there be an option where you can choose to log in with either:-
  • a password
  • a qr code
  • or both
using a qr code is very quick and simple


  • Hi WebDes2012,

    There's actually a way to login with your own password instead of the provided random password:
    1) open AirDroid in your mobile phone
    2) tap the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the app screen
    3) turn on "predefined Passcode"
    4) put your own password

    *whenever you open AirDroid, it will still provide you a random password, you can just ignore that and enter your own passcode.
  • I look a way to make it simple to log in on my PC. 
    How I can add my password to the AirDroid  url , in a way I can save that as URL link. Than call AirDroid url and it will auto log in without my extra key in again password.  
    Instead of key in my password on my PC every log in , which is very annoying and redundant. 

    Outlook , Work and all PC application does not ask me to log in twice to work that application. 

  • Better still, I would like open free access to a set IP address.  With this, and that I wouldn't open AirDroid anywhere else but on my own personal LAN, where is the need for the overkill on security?
  • Love the program, recommend it to everyone with an android device.
    I agree very strongly with nissim, 
    I also want to make it simple to log in on my PC. 
    would be great,
    It's such a pain to enter a password over and over again on a secure network.

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  • +1 to DoctorPC
  • is there away i can wipe my android clean and start anew it will not reconize my user or password and im positive its the correct one ive asked every person i could think of now ive found you, i have been told theres nothing i can do. thank you?
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