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SMS - Select text, copy or drag and drop message to desktop

Message SMS - The ability to select text, copy or drag and drop message to desktop

Request 1 - the ability to select text already received or sent and then copy it to the operating system (windows) Clipboard.

Request 2 - the ability to save a message or group of message using the operating system (windows etc) save as command with the default label given as file format named "yyyymmdd hhmm sms to "name recipiant" "number".

Request 3 - the ability to drag n drop a text sms message from the web browser airdroid view to the desktop, with the file format named "yyyymmdd hhmm sms to "name recipiant" "number". The message could be in a simple text format.

"yyyymmdd hhmm sms to "name recipiant" "number"

eg of filename
20120509 1415 SMS TO John Dow 0412 777 7777.txt

yyyy - year
mm - month
dd - date
hh - hours in 24 format
mm - minutes
name recipient - is name in contact list or company or both
number - is the number used to send the message.

Inside the text file it could contain details of the name and number, time sent, the message, who sent the message and from what number.

example of inside save message
SMS Message sent successfully on 20120509  at 1415
TO John Dow FROM Widget Suppliers Ltd PHONE NUMBER 0412 777 7777
FROM George Dow From Widget Glue Suppliers Ltd PHONE NUMBER 0412 666 6666
Message length in 244 Characters

Hi, John This is the message body that was sent.
regards George.

... end of message saved via AIRDROID.COM

Justification of feature.
In business, my business clients and I need the abiltiy to save correspondance. By enabling this feature you allow the messages to be saved and recorded easily in context of files related to the client.

Thankyou in advance

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