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Launch AirDroid from computer

edited December 2011 in Feature Requests
It would be great to be able to start AirDroid on the phone, via a link on a website or a button in a browser. This would let you actually access your phone without having to first physically access your phone.

I'd love to be able to log onto a website, and click a link that would first trigger AirDroid to start on my phone, then present a link to the URL that AirDroid is currently running on. This may be possible to implement using Google's Cloud to Device messaging functionality.

An alternative approach, that is almost as nice, would be to have a Chrome plugin that would let you do the same thing from a button in Chrome's toolbar.

I know it's asking a lot, but AirDroid has already exceeded my expectations, so I am confident the team could achieve it and make their product even more awesome!


  • To trigger airdroid via network/web/etc is one of the most risky things you could do to your device because packets like that can be captured and replicated and then injected to your phone in matter of minutes (you probably use airdroid longer than 10 minutes, I know I do). And then you're forgetting that airdroid generates the password @ every startup of the app, how would you get that password and connect to the device if you're not setting a predefined one ?

    If something like that would be possible it would need LOTS of extra support 'cuz I know for sure I'd try exploiting it :) ... just the thought that I could control other android devices without actually making a virus and having to spread it, is a catalyst strong enough for me :)
  • Google's Cloud to Device messaging is not secure enough for launching air droid? This is the same technology that is used for installing apps directly from the android market website, and is used by "chrome to phone" and other similar applications with equal or greater security risks.

    I do not propose to run the entire app through this framework, just trigger it to be launched. The actual interaction with the phone through the browser could still require the current security limitations (single session, local network only, predefined password).

    Even if someone did intercept and replicate the message to initiate air droid, there is no more security risk than exists currently running air droid with a predefined password over a local network.
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