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Desktop won't connect to the link provided by phone



  • edited January 2012

  • And how does one go about changing the WiFi channel?
  • Log in to router using manufacturers procedure. Go to Wireless Settings.
    Find Channel Options. Read help file.
    Select Auto, or pick one.
    Save and Exit.
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    I have the same problem so i read this thread. But nothing works for me.
    Then i tried the following steps with the android phones i have and it works for me!

    For my LG with MIUI ROM:
    1. Wifi settings
    2. Push on your Network name
    3. For me pops up the the button "Wi-Fi" / "Cancel"
    4. Go down to "Proxy settings" and put there the ip/port settings from Airdroid
    5. Done
    6. Go to your browser and login with the settings from Airdroid.

    This is working for the SAMSUNG GIO:
    1. Go to wifi settings
    2. Go to advanced
    3. Set your proxy and portnumber (the ip/port settings from Airdroid)
    4. Done
    5. Go to your browser and login with the settings from Airdroid.

    For HTC Sensation:
    1. Wifi settings
    2. Advanced
    3. W-i-Fi-proxy and put there the ip/port settings from Airdroid
    4. Push menu and then save
    5. Done
    6. Go to your browser and login with the settings from Airdroid.
  • Hey guys try this, it worked for me.  Don't really know what it does, but now all the file sharing programs work the way they are supposed to.  I have an Evo 4G and here is what  I just did that worked:
    1. With main screen up on phone, hit menu button
    2. Settings
    3. Wireless & Networks
    4. Wifi Settings
    5.Menu Button
    7.Check "Use static IP.
    8. It will search for your IP address and connect.
    9 Back out of all you menus, and try AirDroid again. MINE WORKS NOW. (wonder how long)
  • Now it is not working all the time, just every now and then.  I went into my router and changed the channel setting to auto as someone earlier said to do, and it worked.  But now it's just working every now and then again.  Sure wish I could find someone to answer why it is doing this.  
  • I had this not working in Chrome but working in IE9 (on the same machine). I then cleared the Chrome cache, closed Chrome and reopened it and it started working in Chrome too.

    I suspect the browser is getting into a weird state and/or (partially) crashing?
  • Can the creator of this app please respond to this thread?

    If that happens to be Ryan_Administrator, then I've done as you suggested by pinging the ip address generated by my phone. It responded positively on all attempts. Yet, the performance of AirDroid is indeed intermittent. Just the other day it worked fine albeit a little slow at first. Today, I barely even get the interface's background to show up in Firefox.

    There's a variety of methods being suggested above for different models of phones. My hope is that there's something common among all of them that will allow this great app to work appropriately. I love the interface as it's easy to navigate. It's a lot better than Kies, :)

    Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    Samsung Galaxy S2
    Firefox 10.0.1

  • I can confirm that changing the router channel to auto corrected the problem. Works flawlessly now.
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    Hi @davinicm, @bagarwa, @Insipidity

    Sorry but this issue may be caused by various facts under different network environment. It's not easy to say for sure what is exactly the problem. The general suggestion we can give for people facing this issue is as follow,  

    1. A hard reset to your router and then make sure your device and desktop are connected to the same WiFi netwrok. Retry AirDroid.
    2. Check if any VPN or Firewall settings on your device or your router that may affect the connection.
    3. Ping the IP address generated by AirDroid on your device without the port number from your desktop to check if the connection is good.

    4. Try another web browser or clean the cache and retry.
    5. Try AirDroid under another network or from another desktop to check if the problem is with your device or your network.
    6. Install WiFi File Explorer ( and see if it also fails under same network.


    May also try the methord provided by @Schrader. Good luck! :-)

  • edited February 2012
    I had the same issues talked about here and none of the solutions worked for me. I could connect to Airdroid under Linux but not Windows 7. I changed my wifi encryption from AES to TKIP and suddenly I can connect to Airdroid (and Wifi file explorer).

    Just to add, this wasn't an issue with Airdroid, rather an issue with Windows 7.
  • edited February 2012
    Turned off McAfee firewall and I finally connected.
    Got the wallpaper anyway!
    Had to refresh the page to get the login box for some reason

    ...and now it's stopped working again!
  • Sorry Ryan, this is too much work for some of us people.  I don't know much about computers and less about cell phones.  When you get a version that I can just install and it works, let me know.  Looked like it would have been nice too.
  • @maggie, you don't have to do all of that, just try figure it out step by step. And sure we are trying to make it easier and more stable. But really the local network environment and all the personal settings matters too. With some careful checks you may start your AirDroid journey right now. :-)
  • If anyone is still having trouble connecting while using Droidwall in whitelist mode, I solved the problem on my phone by enabling (Kernel) - Linux Kernel in the whitelist.