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Desktop won't connect to the link provided by phone

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When I try and connect with my desktop to the address provided by my phone it doesn't always connect. It says 'sending request' then just times out. Sometimes it does work, but rarely.

I am using Google Chrome and both of my devices are in the same WIFI network. I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 and a Macbook.

Please help.


  • I am having the same problem. I have yet to have my IP/URL connect in the browser. I Have a Galaxy S2 (T989) and a Windows 7 Laptop and I have tried latest versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Same problem.  Mine won't connect at all on IE9 or Chrome.  I've tried the 8888 port and a custom, no difference.
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    Guys, please try ping the IP address generated on your device without the port number to see if the connection is good. 

    e.g. say AirDroid generates

    then try to ping from your desktop.
  • I have the same problem.
    I checked the ping from which was generated by my device.
    The connection was stable. but when I try to load the page in my browser nohing happens.

    p.s: I have nexus one.
  • I guess this could be a firewall issue. I have kaspersky. maybe it blocks incoming and outgoing connections?!

  • I turned off my router firewall. This allowed me to connect. BUT
    I have two android phones and I installed AirDroid on both - I think I cannot connect both together at the same time - some time have to pass between connecting the one after the other - probably a name should be added for unique ID of each phone for each connection...
  • I think it's a problem with my wifi.

    Devices seem to clash somehow. I don't know what to do.

    I don't have a firewall.
  • I had a lot of trouble with this because of Droidwall. I changed that from whitelist to blacklist mode, which seems to have helped. I wish it could work in whitelist mode, though!
  • Interestingly, I got an error message when I attempted to connect my Droid Razr with my desktop (running the latest version of Chrome), but I was able to connect my Asus Transformer Eepad tablet and my desktop with no problem. I use Lookout Security on both devices, so that does not appear to be the problem. I note that the Droid Razr generates a IP address, while the tablet generates, which works. Do you know a reason why the phone is generating a different IP address than the tablet?
  • I am also having issues connecting from my desktop to the ip generated by my device. I do not have any firewalls active and all the tests that I run like: ping, traceroute and whois, are getting a "timed out" message. I have tried connecting through Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE9 and Maxthon on my Windows 7 partition and I have also tried connecting from my Ubuntu 11.10 partition.

    If anybody finds a fix for this please let me know. I am not going back to remote desktop after my first taste of this app yesterday, when it worked...
  • Same here. Running Ubuntu 11.10. Unable to connect via Chrome. IP given is not receiving a ping. Use to work fine - I don't know what changed. Atrix.
  • if use Droidwall allow the Kernel connection, it worked for me
    sorry for my bad English
  • BigTKirk; I think it's because they're different devices.  The IP Address is SUPPOSED to be unique to each device.  If they had the same address, your browser wouldn't know which to connect to... and you'd get other network problems as well.
    I could be wrong...
  • ping times out too.  I don't get it.  I guess I can't complain because it is a free service, but man.
  • Okay, it's connecting fine after about 40 market updates this morning (including a Wifi Manager update). After these updates were applied I restarted my phone and it works perfect. I'm pretty sure it was a Wifi Manager bug.
  • All my apps are up to date, I don't have Wifi Manager, so that's not it for me.
  • All my apps are up to date, as well.

    By the way, is anyone from the app creator monitoring this thread? It seems as if many people are having this problem, but the app creator is not responding with any possible solutions. Not a good way to market an app. 
  • Still no help with the subject?  Droid Razr, Windows 7, Firefox, Windows Firewall Off, Wireless Router Internal Firewall Off, still not connecting to address given.
  • I found a quick fix guys!!! I will try and lay it out for you real quick before I have to leave but later I will post a more detailed fix. So basically we are going to ignore the ip address that the airdroid app gives us but remember the port number.

    1. Make sure that your phone and computer are on the same network.
    2. Start the AirDroid application as you normally would but remember the port number used and password.
    3. Press Settings > About > Status on your phone. Locate the current ip address your phone is using for that network.
    4. Now open your browser window and put the ip address in place of the one given to you buy AirDroid but use the same port number. So lets say that the app is giving me "" and the ip address I got from step number 3 is "". I would put "" into my browser and then login with my password.

    Thats it! The only thing I have noticed about this method is that sometimes the app loads without a wallpaper but hey atleast it works.

    Please let me know if this helps you guys...
  • In my case, it still does not work.
  • Hello to everyone.

    I sent
     to e-mail to: three days ago but nobody answered. In my opinion there is no support if there is no answer.

    Since the support does not work, I decided to participate in the forum.

    I have a simple problem. I can not remotely access the AirDroid because the program generates an IP address This address does not exist. You can test!

    My wireless network has the following IP address

    Computer and phone are connected to the same network.

    The question that begs is the following. Why the program generates a number ofdifferent IP's existing IP address?

    How can I fix this to access this program that is so praised by everyone on the internet?

    I appreciate everyone's attention to the support team.

    My name is Carlos Cintra and I'm from Brazil.
  • By the way. I tried the quick solution proposed by our friend DroidzforLife and in my case does not work as well as the TommyBernier21. It must have some other way toconfigure the port, knowing that no one is doing or another possibility would be the system can not generate a valid IP if your network is encrypted. Who knows, as I am not the mentor system count on you to help.
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    Maybe try changing your port and then manually add the given ip address for you phone by the wireless network and then put those together and see if that works? All i know is mine is telling me to use "" and this doesn't work, so I checked the ip address my phone was given and swapped them out. The ip address my phone is using is "" so I took that along with my port number (9999) and it worked. I don't get how it works but it does?...
  • Maybe it's because I opened up port 9999 through my router settings? I am no networking genius. Just thought I would share my success with you peeeps. :D 
  • I tried changing the port configuration on the router manager. But still does not work.
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    Turn off static IP on your phone, and it works !

    WIFI settings- Advanced - Turn off static IP - Restart airdroid, and it works!
  • I have a Droid Bionic and could also not connect.  I ran 'ifconfig' in the terminal emulator and noticed it had two interfaces on my home network.  The one offered up by AirDroid did NOT work, for whatever reason.  The other one worked fine (the port is the same - 8888):
        usb1   (offered by AirDroid - did NOT work)
    tiwlan0 (DOES work)
    Not sure what AirDroid does under the covers, but it's either blocking the one it offers or grabbing the wrong one to offer.  If it was my computer/browser/router/etc., it would behave the same for both addresses.
  • Here's a solution of my case.

    While the same problem as yours occured, the "WIFI Channel" of my WIFI router showed a certain number (1,2,3, anyway). And I happened to change the setting of this "WIFI Channel" to "AUTO", the problem has been solved. Now my "Airdroid" is working as is supposed to.

    The name "WIFI Channel" could be different from that of your computer, because it is "MUSEN Channel"(= Japanese) in mine.

    I recommend you to check your WIFI router.
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    Fix confirmed here. My router did not have an AUTO option for the WIFI Channel - it was set to 11. When I changed from 11 to 6 - works fine.

    Running Ubuntu 11.10 with Chrome.
  • DroidzforLife - Awesome worked like a charm! Thanks!
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