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Go SMS Pro

This version not working with Go SMS Pro in the same time... i mean i didn't got any information from my sms client, about new sms...


  • I'm having the same issue with Go SMS Pro, I think.  Every time I send a SMS text, it has a little red exclamation mark on it in the web interface, and a yellow triangle sign in the chat window on the phone.  If I press the yellow triangle, it removes the message from the screen, puts it back into the composing area, and THEN if I hit send from the phone it will send out correctly.  Weird!
  • I remember having problems with GoSMSPro in the last version of AirDroid when trying to send messages that were close to or over the 160 character limit that some phones/services have. Currently, I'm using the stock Messaging app and haven't had any issues so far! I'm thinking it's a GoSMSPro thing. =\
  • I haven't got this problem in old version AirDroid, but NOW...
  • I have a another problem: when i try to send a message, the mobile phone freezes and i need to put out the battery.
  • Seems like the new version conflicts with GoSMSPro. We are looking into this and trying to make improvement. Thanks for the feedbacks. Stay tuned.
  • Just to add to the conversation, my GoSMS Pro crashes also. It seems to be more so when I am messaging a contact with a LOT of texts (people I text a lot). Hope this helps.
  • Any update on this? I have a similar issue where the text makes it to the GoSMS app but it never sends.
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