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Talk from PC

edited January 2012 in Feature Requests
Situation: Phone in one room,charging,You are in other room.Phone starts ringing but you don't hear it or until you reach it you miss an important call.

Solution: AirDroid!!! You are already connected to your phone from PC.Phone is ringing,shows on PC,you take the headset,click a button and talk.

How about it?


  • Be able to place calls too. Would love both these features.
  • +1 Me too. Be able to place calls too. Would love both these features.
  • This function would be great but one thing that really would limit this function is WiFi traffic the software already has really bad lag on txts and other functions if there is this delay on this the lag on calls would be worse, BUT if you could have a bluetooth set up and have the option to still dial and call it might work.
  • Would be a great feature. 
    We can already stream music.. voice is way lower band width.
  • On second thought the big limiter here would probably be lack of persistent connection.. just part of the HTTP world. However Airdroid could check for for websocket support and voila persistent connection.

    VOIP, SSL and a few bug fixes and as far as I'm concerned it's ready to lose it's beta status.
  • +1 that would make this the best app ever
  • Hello tak this is a test
  • I need this feature so hard. 
  • +1. I thought that's what airdroid was about!?!? Need this even though use other VoiP service. Great app is hindered by no voice sync capability.
  • This would put this over the top. 
  • +1, too!
  • Yeah, this would be awesome. I really don't understand, what's the point of having ability to initiate the call from the PC, if you can't use PC headset :)
  • Yes please,being able to use Airdroid with my Lync Headset (laptop) solves every Phone call issue! +1
  • @all

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Sorry that making a phone call directly from web/pc/mac is not supported yet due to some technical restrictions. We'll keep an eye to this and will try to add this feature when it is technical feasible. 

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