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How to get started with AirDroid and how to login to AirDroid web desktop?

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How to get started with AirDroid and how to login to AirDroid web desktop?
Download and install AirDroid app on your Android devices, start the app and open your favorite web browser, input the address and Dynamic Password to login to AirDroid Web Desktop. 
Detailed steps: 
Tips: The Android device and computer need to be connected to the same WiFi network to be able to connect. Don't have WiFi? Try this tutorial.
1.    Open AirDroid on your Android device and tap Start. The web address (looks like to visit will be revealed, and a new Dynamic Password will be generated or the Predefined Password will be displayed (looks as predefined). 
2.    Open your favorite web browser to visit the web address above. Enter the Dynamic Password or Predefined Password from the previous step and click Login. 
3.    You’ll login to the AirDroid Web Desktop.


  • My browsers cannot open the IP addr given, saying it is not in the DNS. I cannot even ping it. How did you guys get past this?


  • Ryan,
    Thanks for pointing out the mistake of not typing the colon ":8888"  So I changed it, and Chrome still wont recognize, just shows "SSL connection error".  However, Firefox connected!  Thanks.  Now I've got to see what this access from the PC to my tablet will do for me. Any tips posted ???? 
  • I downloaded AirDroid to my Evo.  Had trouble connecting with desktop.  Finally it did once, then that was it, never again has it connected.  Pull program up on phone, hit start, type in address (, and this what I get every time: 

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

    I have opened the program on the phone and put that same number in my Opera browser on the Evo, and it works fine, so it's not the program, it's something to do with connecting to the desktop.  The one time that it did open and work, I knew I was going to love this program. Please someone help figure this out. The router that I am using is a "Tenda W268R" .  The manual has something in it about using it as a "Virtual Server", but not sure how to put in setting, etc.

  • Same Problem. 

    Can't connect from Desktop Chrome (worked once but very, very slowly). Putting the IP adress in androids browser window works flawless instead.
  • Unable to ping, cannot find ip address

  • Samsund Galaxy Nexus Android V4.0

    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Internet Explorer V9.0 32bit and 64 bit

    Port opened in my router

    Only one time did the password window pop up and it failed to connect. Now it does not even get to the password window. Any advise as to proceeding from here? Is there an update in the works?


  • The IP is the same address my Kies uses. I can connect with it using the Kies. But my browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and gasp IE9) can't all connect, and the error is Kies related. This is what i get in the address bar afterwards:
  • just downloaded airdroid after looking a few comments on droid market. download to mobile great.
    typed in IP in web address given not working, then tried oops! google chrome could not connect.

    I'm well within requirements.

    SE x10 mini pro android ver 2.1 (last update: 1/06/2011)
    browser google chrome ver 17.0.963.83 (last update: 23/03/12)
  • Same problem!  Please can someone help!
  • ElaineJames 13/04/12 same problem I get can not connect timed out ...... how do I / us overcome this please
  • I have htc EVO 4g with cm7.2rc1.  

    I installed your program, and on both wifi(android on wifi, laptop on wifi) and ethernet(android on wifi for same router, laptop plugged in via ethernet), I cannot ping android nor can I connect with http.

    Laptop is linux fedora 16, and I tried firefox and chrome.

    what to do?
  • It use to work without a flaw in the beginning, but after a while it takes hours of refreshing just to connect to it!
    What's going on???
  • Hi,

    would it be able to set the port number by myself again?
    In my office most ports are blocked but i was able to connect to a specific one which is not in your list.

    Sorry i can't post to Feature Request.

  • same problem, does not open the web page with any browser. I opened port 8888 in linux, but nothing has changed.
    in windows 7 everything works perfectly
  • Seems like a common problem.  I cannot connect pc and phone by wifi - get failed to connect message.  Tried and ip address.  Cannot ping Tried turning off windows firewall but this did not work.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Android 2.3.5

    Windows 7 (64bit) OS using Firefox Browser
  • Have an ASUS TF300T tablet and trying to connect to my PC following your instructions, trying both the Scan approach and the manual input of the code on my PC screen when I downloaded the app. Nothing works.
  • не могу подключится, пишет что не удалось подключится проверьте подключено ли одной и тоже сети wifi
  • How to autoconnect on any network

    I move between several wifi networks during the week, so I hacked together a process that autoconnect my laptop to my phone. Here is the basic process. If there is any interest, I can provide more detail and some of the files I'm using.

    I'm using a Mac, but I'm positive this could also be done on a Windows PC.

    When my phone connects to a new wifi network, I save the wifi IP address to a file in dropbox and make sure AirDroid is running on the phone. Dropbox syncs the file to my laptop. On my laptop, I monitor the files for changes. When the file changes, I grab the phone IP and add an entry in my hosts files to give a phone a useful name (ie myphone). In my browser, I have a tab always open to http://myphone:8888, which connects to AirDroid no matter what network or IP my phone is on. I use 1Password autologin bookmarks so I don't have to type in the password on every refresh.

    Software Used
    AirDroid (Android) - free
    Tasker (Android) - $6
    DropSpace Plugin for Tasker

    Lingon 3 (Mac) - $3
    1Password (Mac) - $50 This is a nice to have

    Phone Details
    DropBox - Installed on phone
    DropSpace - Add a folder that will be synced to Dropbox.
    Tasker - Create a profile that fires everytime the phone connects to a wireless network. The profile executes 3 tasks: 1) write wifi info to a file in the DropSpace folder, 2) make sure AirDroid is running, and 3) make DropSpace sync.

    Mac Details
    Script - I wrote a bash script to parse the phone file and grab the IP address for the phone and write an entry into laptops hosts file so I can always connect to "http://myphone:8888". Instead of changing the hosts file, the script could just open a browser window to the IP address "". 
    Dropbox - Installed on laptop
    Lingon 3 - Use Lingon 3 to monitor changes to the file updated by the phone. This is using Mac launchd and I don't think it's a lot of overhead to watch that file.
    1Password - Create autologin bookmark to enter the password automatically.

  • Win7 64, Firefox 16.0.2
    Every time I put in the passcode I connect immediately; but then a popup comes up saying "Alert! Connection reset. Please login again." I've done this about a dozen times and the exact thing happens every time! What the H*!! is going on??? BTW: I'm a retired SysAdmin with 27 years background and it's not like I don't know what "I'm" doing. Pls. help!
  • Still have this problem! Do any of you administrators have any suggestions? I really would to use this app.
  • "Every time I put in the passcode I connect immediately; but then a popup comes up saying "Alert! Connection reset. Please login again." I've done this about a dozen times and the exact thing happens every time! What the H*!! is going on??? BTW: I'm a retired SysAdmin with 27 years background and it's not like I don't know what "I'm" doing. Pls. help!"

    Same happens to me.
  • Worked perfectly the first time I started it up on Chrome!

    I thought it was a piece of junk after fiddling with it on Opera (DOESN'T WORK on Opera), but once I switched over to Chrome, it took about a second to log in and the icons to populate!

    Using this to replace Mobi-Go due to the connection issues and forced to use their interface. Luv the browser integration!

  • LG Optimus 2x, Android 2.3, root, Mac osX, no matter if chrome, Firefox or safari, always get the message: connection failed. No matter if USB tethering or wifi tethering. Actually no method of connection works.
    Useless for me. 

    Or is there any way to connect? If I see so many comments here, I presume it is not working at all.
  • I'm trying to use the AirDroid on my Windows 8 - Internet Explorer browser, it is giving a Invalid certificate Error Msg. Is there a way out. Becoz in Win 8 the default Browser is Internet Explorer 10.


    Please help to resolve this issue.

  • It keeps "Searching for Device" when login in
  • How do I upgrade to Premium? Won't tweet or FB it but glad to pay. Not clear how to pay to activate Premium (need to redesign screens asap to make it clear).
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