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It’s time to teach AirDroid some new language skills!

Since the first release on Nov. 22nd, 2011, AirDroid has gained more than 20 million downloads from all over the world and maintained a steady average user rating of 4.7 stars in Google Play, from 237 countries/territories in the world. Thank you all for your love and support for AirDroid!

To celebrate the birthday of AirDroid and thank all the volunteer translators on Crowdin, we’d like to offer a small gift - AirDroid Premium, 3-year, 2-year and 1-year membership activation codes for free!

Gift FAQ: 
1. Which language’s translators are eligible for winning the gift? 
Translators of any languages that are 100% translated before Nov 17, 2013 are eligible for winning the gift. You can check the progress here: Your language is still not finished? Start doing some translations

2. Who can get the gift? 
Top and lucky random translators:
10 places: 3-year AirDroid Premium membership for the top 10 translators of each eligible language.
10 places: 2-year AirDroid Premium membership for the top 11-20 translators of each eligible language.
10 places: 1-year AirDroid Premium membership for 10 random translators of each eligible language.

3. When will you send out AirDroid Premium activation code?
We’ll contact the lucky ones during Nov 22, 2013 and Nov 29, 2013 through Crowdin. You might receive an email with the activation code and instructions; if not, please log in to your Crowdin and check the inbox. We’ll also publish a name (Crowdin user name) list here.

It’s time to teach AirDroid some new language skills!


  • There is no Nepali language :(
  • Nepali was just added. Thanks @najus
  • I want to translate for Malay
  • Need romanian support?
  • Don't get it..If language is 85% completed and I finish the last ones (25%), is it like I complete the all language or only 25% (I'm not going to be in top 10?) :)
  • edited November 2013

    Welcome :) 


    Yes. The progress of Romanian:

    Not sure. If the previous 85% is translated by 10 volunteer translators, each of them translate about 8.5%, then you will be in the top 10 if you translate 25%. 
    If you are not in the top 10, you still have the chance to get the gift. There are 10 places for 10 random translators for each eligible language :)

  • edited November 2013
    Sorry for disturbance, but have to ask. If I translate whole language and it shows under "Translated, but Needs to be Voted", but nobody vote (approved 0%), will I still be like "translator" (of the whole language) ? And if I translate 1 and half (other,second) language, will that increase my changes for winning top translator? Thank you very much ! :)
  • Need Lithuanian support?

  • edited November 2013

    Yes, thank you! It's really appreciated if you and your friends can join us in the Lithuanian translating:
  • edited November 2013
     Hi John142,

    "Nobody vote" will not affect your being one of the top translators. And if you translate 2 languages, you will have more chances to get the gift :)
  • I'm more excited about AirDroid finally adding Ukraining language (100% translated). Hooray!!!
  • edited November 2013
    Wow, You guys rocked! There are 32 languages that are 100% translated! 
    Here's a list of the completed languages (You can check the progress here: image

    Thanks again, all volunteer translators!
    We will contact the lucky ones during Nov 22, 2013 and Nov 29, 2013 through Crowdin.  

    Please kindly stay tuned:-) 

  • If you ever decide to try an alternative to crowdin or something doesn't go right, I recommend you try for crowd translations. I have been working with it and to me it seems the best in what concerns user service and friendliness in design and interface. Best of luck!
  • Persian Please.
  • Yes Persian plz!
  • After You contact the lucky ones, will there be list of winners published ? 
  • @Mahdi_He @Mmkiani,

    Welcome to join us in Crowdin to help us translating AirDroid into Persian :)

    Yes. We’ll publish a name (Crowdin user name) list here. :)
  • edited November 2013
    Top 11-20 translators, please check your inbox  We will give out the Activation code of 2-year AirDroid Premium from 11/25/2013.  
  • edited November 2013
    The following is the name (Crowdin user name) list of the lucky ones. Who listed in the sheet please pay attention to your inbox in Crowdin. We'll soon give out the Activation codes :)








  • :D I am very happy to have contributed in the translation into Brazilian Portuguese.Thanks for this gift ^^ franco.smjr 3-yer AirDroid Premium <3 I love this app.
  • hmm.. can i help with Romanian language? :)
  • edited November 2013
    Cool, i'm on the list for brazilian portuguese! Waiting for the contact! Thank you guys!
  • edited November 2013
    What a hell??? :O
    I will get 8 codes for 3-year-AirDroid-Premium (John Sheppard) ???
    IF yes, am I activating 1 (code) every 3 years or what?
    Lol, I was thinking will I get ANY activation code.. :)
    Thanks ;)
    Edit: Got the codes. Thanks so much :) 
  • Thanks for the 3-year Airdroid Premium gift!

    I am so glad to help you guys!
    If any project have you Airdroid, just let me know, and i'm sure i will help you! :)

    Really thanks! 

  • ETA on those codes? I still didn't get mine O.o
  • edited November 2013
    Hi filipkocjan,

    We’ll contact the lucky ones during Nov 22, 2013 and Nov 29, 2013 through Crowdin.
  • @all,

    We had given out the activation codes to the lucky ones. Who listed in the name list but not get an Activation Code, please contact us at (send us with the language you translated and your Crowdin name). 

    Thank you all again for your contribution to AirDroid Translation project! ;)
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