External SD-card not detected
  • Hi,

    The internal SD card of my droid 3 is detected just fine, but the external isn't.
    My pictures are on my external card so I can't use this to transfer pictures.
    Other wise one of the best (free) apps i've seen.

  • It's a known bug and we're working on it now. Stay tuned  :)
  • Thanks for the headsup and quick reply!
  • Hi Guys - Same problem with DROID RAZR if hardware matters.

    I agree with Doubleyoupee - one of the best!


     - Frank
  • Greetings:

    I have the same problem on my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2.

    Otherwise great APP!
  • Ye if only transferring my 720p MKVs (2GB) wouldn't take so long via wifi I would never connect my USB cable again for transfers :(
  • Any ETA on the update?
  • same problem, no access to the external sd card on samsung galaxy II I9100. does anyone know when an update for this bug is ready?
  • Airdroid only reports internal (application) storage and internal (SD) storage when I connect to my Droid RAZR. It can't see or report on my external SD. card. Please add that feature in the near future. My pictures are stored on the actual external SD card, so I can't see them in Airdroid.
  • On the Vizio VTAB1008 tablet the SD total space report 2.4G. I have there a 32G SD card.
    Be nice to fix that bug on the next update.


  • Some devices have an additional SD card but there is currently no public API for accessing its mount location, and it varies between devices. We will make improvement to this in future versions. But there's still much work ahead so we need your assistance and patience. Thanks!

  • Thanks for remaining awareof this at AirDroid. My only follow comment is:  Being able to access that external SD card on RAZRs and other modern Android phones is key to making this a truly useful application. Some of us have 16 SD cards. That's a LOT of files that we can't see in AirDroid!
  • @ChuckzDroid We'll see what we can do to make improvement in future versions. Stay tuned. :-)

  • i have the same bug on i9100 (also has one internal SD card and one external microSD card)
  • I have the same issue on At&T  Lenovo Thinkpad !  A solution to this problem will simply improve a software that already is great !!!!!!!!
    thank you !
  • I have a similar issue on my Droid X2 - I have a 32gb SD card, but it only recognizes 4.3gb.  Any idea yet of when this will be corrected?  TIA   :)>-

  • Here is a fix, that worked for me!!
    But you need to root your phone for it.
  • yeah, external SD card not recognised on Galaxy S2...running updated version...

  •   Hi, I have a SGS2 on GB based ROM (WIUI) and has the problem with the externalSD too. I could open the dir just fine (sdcard/external_sd) and see the files but now I tried to upload the 1.7GB file and gets a message that there is NOT enough space but I have about 8GB.

      It looks like the AirDroid thinks that I have only 1.5GB free because thats the space on my internal SD card so thats the problem need to be solved ... besides this and few bugs here and there this is just ASTONISHING app!


    PS: Wondering when the Czech translation will be available because - according to Your translation section - the language is already prepared.
  • I have this issue with my Motorola Photon.  The external sd card is refered to as sd-ext if that helps any.  It may be the same for all motorola devices.

    The odd thing is that the music player detects and plays music that is on the external sd card, but the file browser doesn't see the external sd card at all.
  • The fix is for ICS roms. I have GB and it doesn't work.
    But doesn't really matter for me anymore. I would use only use airdroid for transferring photo's without cable, but I use dropbox camera upload for that now:)
  • The same with Samsung YP70, no external sd card detection.
  • I think the only problem is the file explorer/browser.. Every simple third party file explorer can access the system directory (not the root directory) where you can access both internal and external storage..
    Maybe those devs could help out to make the external storage available..
    just my 2 cents.
  • I have the same/similar issue.

    I have a Samsung SGH-T697 (aka Exhibit II 4G).

    It has internal memory (1000MB) and an internal (non-removable) 1GB "sd card"; and I have installed a 32GB microSD card.

    Air Droid shows my 2GB card as full, and won't let me allow more files
    to my 32GB card.... which is a folder called "external_sd".
  • I'm having the same problem on a Toshiba 7" Tablet (AT1S0) Thrive.

    Love to know when this is fixed.
  • I'm having the same problem on a Toshiba 7" Tablet (AT1S0) Thrive.

    Love to know when this is fixed.
  • I have the same problem on my new Samsung Galaxy S3 with external SD 32Gb. But I don't have the problem with my old Samsung Galaxy S2 with external SD 16Gb. Please help me...
  • What really comes across strange to me is that on my Droid 4. I can not access the External SD card via the files link nor see it in any way for file searching and the Dash Board does not show it as a valid drive but the rest of the application is seeing it as i can play music off of it see photos and video from it, see books on it so the app is seeing it just why it is not reporting it or able to show the files on it is very strange.

  • I'm also experiencing this issue on my Galaxy S3, it displays the internal SD card twice while I have an external one inserted.
  • I have same issue with Asus TF300T. Just a feedback.
  • Same problem here on my Samsung GT-P3110
  • Same problem in Woxter 
    tablet pc97 IPS.
    It have 1 GB internal + 16 (SD?) internal + 16 SD external.

    The "detail" only detect 
    . internal storage
    - (internal) SD Card
  • hello same problem on galaxy s3
  • Having the same problem on my Galax S3 - external SD not recognized. Would LOVE to see an update with a fix for this. Other than that - EPIC app! 
  • Same problem. Do not see external SD card on Samsung Galaxy S 3. Will be very glad to see this problem solved! Thanks in advance!
  • same with S3 here. Gah, december 2011 'were working on it'. Thats 6 months ago. Guess no solution is easy. What a shame was so loving this app but this is a problem (not insurmountable but means i have to copy files onto internal sd then copy from internal to external on device. bit of a pain.
  • Same here with S3. I love AirDroid but since all my Music and Photos are stored on the external card (so that I can access them in case there are problems with the phone), file management is pretty much useless for me.
  • I have the same problem on my Motorola Droid Razr. I want to send some mp3 files wirelessly to my phone, but my external SD card doesn't show up in AirDroid. Funny thing is that in "Photos" icon, I can see the photos from my external SD card, I can even upload a photo to those folders.
    The application is great but I needed it to transfer files to my external SD card. Hope they fix this ASAP.
  • On my Samsung Galaxy S3, Airdroid also doesn not see my External SD Card for some reason. To bad, Airdroid is awesome, but actually useless for me without this. :( Have to use other Apps for WiFi connect, don't know why, but all other WiFi Apps detect my SD Card, just Airdroid not.
  • Hmmm...let's recap, shall we?

    Tom_Administrator December 2011

    It's a known bug and we're working on it now. Stay tuned  

    Ryan_Administrator February 27

    Some devices have an additional SD card but there is currently no public API for accessing its mount location, and it varies between devices. We will make improvement to this in future versions. But there's still much work ahead so we need your assistance and patience. Thanks!

    Ryan_Administrator March 12

    @ChuckzDroid We'll see what we can do to make improvement in future versions. Stay tuned. 

    As of July 8, 2012...  ::::::crickets:::::::

    First, let me say that your app is a truly amazing concept - incredibly easy and user friendly - it solves a real need. So it is with all due respect that I submit this comment, and I really am rooting for AirDroid.

    That said, this shortcoming, while not rendering AirDroid completely useless, limits it to little more than a cool gizmo you can use to send sms from your pc and and a few other features that I don't really need. SO many of the newer phones have external sd cards now....7 months of "working on it" is pretty much an eternity in today's app market. 

    So please, just give it to us straight: Are you really working on this, and if so, are you still optimistic you'll have it figured out "soon"? If you've decided it's just not feasible/worth the effort/whatever...just go ahead and tell us so we can give up checking and waiting for it.


    Motorola Photon 4G

  • Hi.
    Same issue on my SGSIII. I hope Airdroid team is going to release a fix soon. Let us tuned :) . Have to use SSH for now.

  • Same issue on HTC EVO 4G LTE. Will be patiently waiting for fix. Until then I'll use my usb cable like all the other cavemen.
  • This is how I found my external sd card on my GS3. Look for the mnt folder. The extsdcard folder is in there. 
  • Same here. No way to manage files on the external SD though airdroid.
    No news from developers? 
  • Alright so not sure how the developers are going with this.. the big issue being you need root to see outside of sdCard for some phones etc..

    You can mount the exSdCard to a folder (Create a shortcut) to the sdCard using the following

    So for my SGS3 I have a folder inside my sdcard that is called extSdCard which links directly to the external card...

    Hope this helps but as far as I know is the best way to get this up and running easily.
  • Great but useless app unless I can view the music/photos on my SDcard!
  • As Sergi said, you can access you external SD card by doing the following:


    For some reason the link to the external card is in the system folder.
    Confirmed to work on my S3

    Great App
    Hope this helps :)
  • Same problem with new Galaxy S3 running ICS ... what is up? it has been over a year since first notice and still doesn't see sd card.
  • @Maskari,,, doesn't work for my galaxy note. Not only external Micro SD card is missing. Yet I still have 9gb plus on my GSnote. I am trying to transfer 1.3 gb file but its telling that i don't have enough room.
  • Thank you so much  ^:)^ ryman01  ^:)^   for your description.
    Some users after your comment seemed not recognized it:

    1. Go to "Files" icon on Airdroid desktop
    2. Open the "System" foder (discard the warning)
    3. Look out for "mnt" folder
    4. Open "mnt" folder and within should be a folder named after your external sd card, open the folder and you can access all files within your external SD

    5. After proceeding so, Airdroid recognized my external sd and at the next new connection to my device it offers me under the files window the folders SD card , External SD , System
    6. So after going through step 1-4 you have direkt access via file icon   B-)
  • Still no resolution since Dec 2011?
    1920 x 1080 - 840K

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